Our 2024 Workshops

For even more Go fun, join us at the Workshop Day on Wednesday 16th August - the day before the main conference - for a full day of immersive training with leading industry trainers.

This year we please to be working with our regular partners Ardan Labs to bring you two full-day training options. Taking place on Wednesday 14th August 2024, the day before the GopherCon UK conference, both course options run from 9am-4pm and include hands-on immersive training. Please bring your laptop and charging cable; power and WiFi will be available. Tickets include refreshments.

Full-Day Workshop: Ultimate Go: Software Design with Kubernetes

Instructor: Bill Kennedy

Level: Intermediate


“As a program evolves and acquires more features, it becomes complicated, with subtle dependencies between components. Over timme, complexity accumulates, and it becomes harder and harder for programmers to keep all the relevant factors in their minds as they modify the system. This slows down development and leads to bugs, which slow development even more and add to its cost. Complexity increases inevitably over the life of any program. The larger the program, and the more people that work on it, the more difficult it is to manage complexity.” - John Ousterhout This class teaches you how to build production-level software in Go leveraging the power of a domain-driven, data-oriented architecture that can run in Kubernetes. From the beginning, you will program along with the instructor as he walks through the design philosophies and guidelines for building software in Go. With each new feature added to the project, you will learn how to deploy to and manage the Kubernetes environment used to run the project. The core of this class is to teach you how to handle and reduce the spread of complexity in the systems you are building.

Ardan LabsArdan Labs

Introduction to the class and all the engineering that you will learn.

  • Design Philosophy, Guidelines, What to Expect
  • Tooling to Install
  • Images to Install

Deploy First Mentality:We begin to build the service with a focus on the ability to deploy the service in Kubernetes.

  • Project Layers, Policies, and Guidelines
  • Prepare Project
  • Logging

Kubernetes:We introduce Kubernetes and get a K8s environment up and running. At this point, everything we do runs in the K8s environment.

  • Clusters, Nodes and Pods
  • Start the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Create/Build a Dockerfile for the Service
  • Create/Apply K8s Deployment for the Service

Kubernetes Quotas:We introduce applying Quotas to the deployment and discuss the problems that can result.

  • Understanding CPU Quotas
  • Understanding the Go Scheduler
  • Adjust GOMAXPROCS to maximize performance

Domain-Driven, Data-Oriented Architecture:We talk about the data-driven, data-oriented architecture that is implemented in the project. We discuss the design philosophy, guidelines, and semantics of how the three layers of App, Business, and Storage work together.

  • Architecture Review
  • Data Flow Trust vs Non-Trust

  • It is expected that you have been coding in Go for several months.
  • A working Go environment running on the device you will be bringing to class.

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Full-Day Workshop: Ultimate Go

Instructor: Miki Tebeka

Level: Beginner/Intermediate


This workshop is based on “Ultimate Go” by Bill Kennedy. The workshop is aimed at developers who have experience with Go and would like to understand how to write more efficient code and understand data semantics and concurrency patterns. We’ll cover many coding best practices that help write precise code.

Ardan LabsArdan Labs

  • Programming vs Engineering
  • Polymorphism with interfaces
  • Using generics to reduce code size
  • Using concurrency
  • Performance optimization (both CPU & Memory)

You should have experience writing Go code. You should have the following installed on your machine:

  • GoSDK
  • IDE such as VSCode with the Go extension or Goland
  • Git
  • Graphviz
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