The Brewery, in the Heart of London


GopherCon UK 2024 is set to take place at The Brewery, an exquisite venue boasting distinctive rooms and captivating ambient lighting. This exceptional setting creates an ideal creative atmosphere, perfectly suited for our esteemed conference.

GopherCon is back at The Brewery this year, right in the heart of the City of London. Making it easy for attendees to access from all parts of the city. The venue is just a short walk from the Barbican and Moorgate underground stations, making it easily accessible via public transport. There are also several car parks nearby for those who prefer to drive. It is an iconic space that exudes an industrial charm with its exposed brickwork, steel beams, and Victorian architecture. This historic venue has been restored to its former glory and now boasts modern amenities and technology. The centrepiece of the conference will be the expansive 544 square metre exhibition and catering space. This vibrant area will be abuzz with keynote speakers, sponsors, and delegates, making it the perfect spot to refuel and recharge. Here, you'll be treated to a variety of refreshments and a delicious lunch, while having the opportunity to peruse informative materials and snag some coveted swag from our impressive sponsors. The whole venue is equipped with seamless connectivity throughout with their award-winning, complimentary Wi-Fi, available to all attendees. Their state-of-the-art audio and video equipment in each talk room ensures that you'll have the best possible experience during all of the talks, and that the recorded videos after the event will capture every moment in stunning detail. At The Brewery, they prioritise accessibility for all guests. The venue is fully handicap accessible, with staff members available onsite to provide any necessary assistance. You can rest assured that they have taken every measure to ensure that every attendee, regardless of ability, feels comfortable and supported throughout the event.


We understand that finding the right accommodation for your conference is crucial to the overall experience. That's why we have taken the time to visit and inspect several hotels in the direct vicinity of The Brewery. After careful consideration and analysis, we have selected three exceptional options that we believe offer excellent value for conference accommodation. Of course, there are many other hotels in the area, including the luxurious Montcalm located within the conference centre itself. It is important to note that London hotels tend to fill up quickly, so we strongly advise delegates to secure their accommodations as soon as possible to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay.