All about GopherCon UK speakers

  • Adelina Simion


    Adelina Simion is a polyglot engineer and developer relations professional, with a decade of technical experience at multiple startups in London. She started her career as a Java backend engineer, converted later to Go, and then transitioned to a full-time developer relations role. She has published multiple online courses about Go on the LinkedIn Learning platform, helping thousands of developers upskill with Go. She has a passion for public speaking, having presented on cloud architectures at major European conferences. Adelina holds an MSc. Mathematical Modelling and Computing degree.

  • Adrian Hesketh

    Infinity Works

    I'm a consultant at Infinity Works, where I help companies to build and launch new services, using Event Driven architectures, serverless, and of course, Go. My latest project was to build a new motor insurance product for a major insurer, their first ever Go project.

  • Akshata Sawant


    Akshata Sawant is a proficient technical speaker with over 5+ years of industry experience. She's currently working as a Developer Advocate at Salesforce. Her core domain includes Integration, Security, and DevOps. Within a short span of her career, she has delivered presentations at numerous conferences, events, and Meetups. Her notable speaking deliveries would include Salesforce TrailheadX and APIDays -NewYork and India. She has also written blogs and articles for several industry publications. She has co-authored a book named “MuleSoft for Salesforce developers” with Packt Publication. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can connect with her audience and deliver powerful messages. Her passion for her work is evident in her delivery, and she can inspire others to action. If you are looking for a speaker who will engage your audience and leave them inspired, Akshata Sawant is a perfect choice.

  • Amir Malka


    Amir is a Senior Software Engineer at ARMO, where he contributes to the Kubescape open source project, as a staunch and passionate supporter of making open source security better and more accessible for everyone.

  • Beth Anderson


    Originally from Northumberland I now live in London and work as a principal software engineer in Site Reliability Engineering for the BBC. Outside of work I co-organise the London Go Users’ Group meet-ups, organise the London Go Study Group meet-up, and I live on a boat with a small dog.

  • Cameron Balahan


    Cameron is a product manager and the product lead for Go at Google. Before Go, Cameron led Google Cloud's programming languages support and integrations and, before Google, he led a high frequency market making firm where he built low latency trading systems in C and C++. He likes Go more.

  • Damiano Petrungaro


    Philosopher ego-less tech lead, speaker, open-source maintainer, mentor, and community enthusiast. I am specialized in coding complex domain logic and writing clean and testable code, with a massive focus on performance and developer experience.

  • Daniela Petruzalek

    JP Morgan Chase

    Daniela Petruzalek is an experienced IT professional with background in software engineering, consulting, pre-sales and developer relations, currently working as an Information Architect at JP Morgan Chase. Her specialisation is data engineering and back end development and she is recognised by Google as a Google Developer Expert in Go and Google Cloud Platform. She's also a Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer, Oracle Certified Professional and TEDx speaker. On her spare time she contributes to open source, plays video games and pets random cats on the streets.

  • Dominic Black


    Dom is a founding engineer at Encore, the Go-based backend development engine which frees developers up to escape the complexity of building distributed scalable backends. Previous to Encore, Dom was a staff engineer at Monzo Bank and has spent over a decade building scalable distributed FinTech systems such as core ledgers, reporting, reconciliation & trading systems serving millions of end-users in both Go & Scala.

  • Fawaz Ghali


    Fawaz Ghali is a Principal Developer Advocate at Hazelcast with 20+ years’ experience in software developments, machine learning and real-time intelligent applications. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and has worked in the private sector as well as Academia as a Researcher and Senior Lecturer. He has published over 46 scientific papers in the fields of machine learning and data science. His strengths and skills lie within the fields of low latency applications, IoT & Edge, distributed systems and cloud technologies.

  • Hila Fish


    Hila Fish is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix, with 15 years of experience in the tech industry.AWS Community Builder, and a public speaker who believes the DevOps culture is what drives a company to perform at its best and talks about that and other DevOps/Infrastructure topics at conferences. She carries the vision to enhance and drive business success by taking care of its infrastructure.

    In her spare time, Hila is a lead singer of a cover band, giving back to the community by co-organizing DevOps-related conferences (Inc. "DevOpsDays TLV" & "StatsCraft" monitoring-focused event), providing mentorship and managing programs in “Baot” (The largest technical women’s community in Israel), and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge wherever she can, including across diverse technology communities, initiatives and social media.

  • Jeremy Matos

    Grafana Labs

    Jeremy Matos is a Principal Security Engineer at Grafana Labs. Rather than breaking things, the former backend developer has shifted his main focus to helping produce secure enough software. He used to work at GitLab and has 15 years of experience in the software security industry. He has given talks at various security conferences, including DEF CON Crypto Village and OWASP AppSec EU.

  • Jesús Espino


    I'm an Open Source and software development enthusiast. I love writing code and contributing to Open Source projects. I have the privilege of being one of the starters or contributors in some interesting Open Source projects like Taiga, Penpot, Mattermost, or Focalboard.

  • Jonathan Amsterdam


    Jonathan Amsterdam is a member of the Go team at Google. His previous work at Google includes the pkg.go.dev site and Google Cloud's client libraries for Go.

  • John Gregory

    Admiral Money

    John is an artist, apprentice fire spinner, avid coffee drinker and experienced engineer with almost 20 years in the tech industry. He has worked in both private and public sectors, most recently moving from the Office for National Statistics to join Admiral Financial Services (now Admiral Money) in 2020. A passionate Gopher, John co-organises the South Wales Golang meet up in Cardiff, as well as running training for and evangelising the language.

  • Konstantin Ostrovsky


    I'm a long time engineer from Tel Aviv, Israel and currently work at Torq. I started my journey as a Windows Internals engineer (C,C++) in the field of cyber security. However, for the past 11 years I've been working at multiple early stage SaaS startup companies as a Backend Engineer.

  • Laura Vuorenoja

    OP Lab

    Laura Vuorenoja is a technology strategist and a hands-on architect with an extensive and versatile background in software development. She has been using Go in many hobby and professional projects since 2016. Laura is researching self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials in her team at OP Lab, the innovation unit of the largest bank in Finland (OP Financial Group). Despite her researcher role, she values good software development disciplines and constantly tries to eliminate all manual and tedious work through automation. In addition to her passion for building a safer and better internet for the future, she is an Open Source enthusiast and an active member and mentor in the Finnish coding community for women. When not coding, she sings contemporary Finnish poetry with her choir or wanders in the wilderness. She is also a massive Eurovision Song Contest fan.

  • Liam Hampton


    Liam is a Senior Regional Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and an Auth0 Ambassador, passionate about DevOps, automation and Go. He is a tech blogger, IoT hobbyist and a Software Engineer with multiple professional cloud certifications. He loves sharing his knowledge and creating simple and concise content for others to learn from. When he is not writing code or presenting, you can find him exploring London's best eateries, studying different cultures, or jetting off to the next city on his travel list.

  • Mahavir Teraiya


    Mahavir Teraiya works as Solutions Architect with digital native businesses in DACH region and support them in building strategy around Data and ML Platform. On academic side he has Masters in Engineering and MBA and currently pursuing PhD from Marwadi University. He is passionate about Data and ML platform in general but at the same time also advocate of the TDD in the software engineering.

  • Miki Tebeka

    Ardan Labs

    Miki is a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. He has taught many workshops on various technical subjects all over the world at companies such as AT&T, Oracle, Dropbox, J.P. Morgan, and others.

  • Patrycja Wegrzynowicz


    Patrycja is a lead engineer at Form3, working on reliability and performance of UK payments. She is also the founder of Yon Labs, a startup focusing on automated tools for detection and refactoring of security vulnerabilities, performance anti-patterns, or cloud issues and providing consultancy in Java, C++, Go, and cloud technologies. She is a regular speaker at software conferences, including CodeOne, Devoxx, Codemotion, and others. She was awarded an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador title in 2020 and 2021. She was also named as one of Top 10 Women in Tech in Poland in 2016. Her interests focus on automated software engineering, mainly static and dynamic analysis techniques to support software verification, optimization, and deployment.

  • Pratim Bhosale


    Pratim Bhosale is a Backend Developer turned Developer Advocate and a Public speaker. Pratim has worked with multiple startups and MNCs and helped them scale their backend and community. Pratim currently handles Developer Relations for Nhost. In her leisure time, Pratim writes about Go lang, Microservices, and DevRel . Pratim also creates educational content on multiple platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

  • Robert Grandl


    Robert Grandl is a software engineer at Google, where he is working on Service Weaver, a new cloud programming framework. Previously, he worked on Slicer, Google's autosharder system. Before Google, Robert got his PhD from the University of Wisconsin Madison, where he researched and published several papers in top conferences in systems and networking, in the area of speeding up distributed data analytics systems.

  • Sacha Arbonel


    Full stack developer with a passion for Rust, Flutter and Go

  • Sadie Freeman

    Dapper Labs

    Sadie is a Senior Backend Engineer and Tech Lead at Dapper Labs. She worked on NBA TopShot and NFL AllDay from day one and was part of the team that aggressively scaled up both products to support 100x traffic. She previously worked in HR but re-trained as a developer through a coding bootcamp and aims to make tech more accessible for folks who feel like they “aren’t technical enough".

  • Sayani Bhattacharjee


    Sayani is a Software Engineer at Truecaller and programming in Go for the past 2 years. When away from the tech world, she enjoys singing, painting, and playing badminton.

  • Walter Schulze


    Developer of katydid, gogoprotobuf, goderive, gographviz, erlfmt and lots of other even more embarrassing open source projects. Now I am learning how to prove code is correct using LeanProver.

  • William Kennedy

    Ardan Labs

    William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Labs in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity.

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