All about GopherCon UK speakers

    Masters of Ceremonies

  • Mark Bates

    Gopher Guides
    Mark Bates is a full stack web developer with over 17 years of experience building high quality scalable applications for companies such as Apple, USA Today, Klarna, and Palm. He has written three books, 'Distributed Programming with Ruby', 'Programming in CoffeeScript', and 'Conquering the Command Line'. Mark has spoken at conferences around the world, has led user groups such as Boston Ruby and Boston Golang, and has helped to organize conferences such as GothamGo and GopherCon.
  • Mat Ryer

    Mat has been working with Go since before v1. Author of many articles and books on the subject, he is always keen to encourage new programmers to join the Go community. A big advocate of open source, Mat co-created Go’s Testify project, and his BitBar tool for macOS has almost 10k stars on GitHub. Friendly and approachable, he loves meeting new Gophers so if you see him around the conference, stop him to say hello.
  • Keynote Speakers

  • Julie Qiu

    Julie Qiu is a software engineer on the Go team at Google, where she is leading the project to build the Go discovery site. Before Google she was already working in Go as an engineering lead at Spring to improve search performance, personalize the user shopping experience, and ingest real-time product updates at scale. She graduated from Yale University with a degree in Cognitive Science.
  • Gautam Rege

    Josh Software
    Gautam is the co-founder of Josh Software, a 11 year old Indian company that works exclusively in Ruby and Go. Gautam is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and blogs at http://blog.joshsoftware.com. He organises RubyConf India, Gophercon India and a host of meetups and regional conferences in India. He loves debating, reading, drinking beer and playing sports. When he is not spending time with his wife and 10 year old daughter, he plays soccer, squash and basketball.
  • Aaron Schlesinger

    Aaron is a developer advocate at Microsoft Azure and a core maintainer of the Athens Project. Before Athens, he was a core maintainer and chair of the Kubernetes SIG-Service-Catalog and a contributor to various other projects in the Kubernetes community. He has 15+ years of software engineering experience ranging from frontend design to distributed data systems. He discovered Go around 2013 and Kubernetes in 2015 and hasn’t looked back. He lives in Portland, OR where he and his wife love to run up and down mountains together.
  • Elias Naur

    Elias is a long-time maintainer of the iOS and Android Go runtime, and until recently the maintainer of Go Mobile.
  • Breakout Session Speakers

  • Florin Pățan

    Florin is a gopher for a few years now, and he built many high-performance, distributed projects. He helps gophers everywhere and works as a Developer Advocate for GoLand IDE at JetBrains. Florin is the former co-organizer of Go London User Group, GDG Berlin Golang, and AWS Berlin User Group.
  • David Hernandez

    David Hernandez has been using Go since 2013, he was organizer of the first GolangUK conference, and can often be found speaking at the Go London Users Group, and internationally. He worked in companies like BBC for the 2012 London Olympics, scaling continuous integration at Atlassian (Sydney), and helping the UK Goverment at the GDS. He is a founder and developer at Machine Box where he develop all the Machine Learning models, and is in charge of all R&D.
  • Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez

    Ricardo is curious software engineer that has been always attracted to interesting and hard problems. His experience spans building and running large distributed systems, algorithmic trading and embedded software using both imperative and functional programming languages (although I find lambda calculus more tasty!) These days he is busy making sure the internet keeps working no cover what.
  • Gergely Brautigam

    My name is Gergely Brautigam. I've been writing Go for over 4-5 years now and have been enjoying doing so every single day. I have not come across anything I would dislike doing with Go. I'm a fan of not having Generics, coming from a long time of programming (15-20 years) in Java and never looking back to it. I started speaking at conferences around 3 years ago and have been attending many since, including a larger one here in Budapest, called VDay. I have various smaller and mid-sized projects written in Go which I enjoy hacking on and I'm also a language contributor with over 5 Gerrit merges. Which is granted, not that much, but this is the first time for me loving a language so much that I actually contributed to it. I love open source projects and I'm an avid supporter of them. I have many projects I contributed to over the past 5 years. Projects like Gaia, Footloose, JsonPath ( which is in Ruby, but still counts... ). I also love speaking. I'm an entertainer first. When I was young I always wanted to be an actor. I guess now I can at least live out this part of my childhood.
  • Johan Brandhorst

    I’m Johan, I like gaming, programming, floorball, skiing and many other things. I’m originally from Sweden but I live and work in the United Kingdom. I work at InfoSum, a data collaboration startup in Basingstoke, UK. I have contributed to the Go programming language, and I run my own blog, mostly talking about Go and gRPC. I’m a maintainer of the gRPC-Gateway, the Improbable gRPC-Web implementation and other open source projects. You can find me on the Gophers Slack under the id jbrandhorst, where I like to hang around and discuss Go with fellow Gophers.
  • Ignat Korchagin

    Ignat is a performance and security engineer at Cloudflare, where he works mostly with bare-metal Linux. Ignat’s interests are cryptography, hacking, and low-level programming. Previously, he was a senior security engineer at Samsung Electronics’s Mobile Communications Division, and his solutions can be found in many older Samsung smartphones and tablets. Ignat started his career as a security researcher in the Ukrainian government’s communications services.
  • Alan Braithwaite

    Alan Braithwaite is a hacker who cares deeply about building reliable, scalable systems. During his tenure at Cloudflare he helped bring the data pipeline to 8 million events per second using Go. Now at Segment, he’s helping scale the microservices based platform using the power gained from the plush gopher which sits on his desk.
  • Bernd Rücker

    Throughout my 15+ years in software development, I have helped automating highly scalable core workflows at global companies including T-Mobile, Lufthansa and Zalando. I have contributed to various open source workflow engines. I am co-founder and developer advocate of Camunda, an open source software company reinventing workflow automation. I co-authored "Real-Life BPMN," a popular book about workflow modeling and automation. I regularly speak at conferences and write for various magazines. I am currently focused on new workflow automation paradigms that fit into modern architectures around distributed systems, microservices, domain-driven design, event-driven architecture and reactive systems.
  • Eran Yanay

    Eran is a team lead at Twistlock, where he leads the infrastructure security and data ingestion team. Before that, he was senior software engineer at Checkpoint, focusing on big data ingestion and next generation data analysis.
  • Mahdi Jelodari

    Headlight AI/Reconfigure.io
    Mahdi Jelodari recieved his Bsc in ECE and PhD in CS from the University of Tehran and the University of Manchester, respectively. He is a co-founder at Reconfigure.io Ltd where their mission is to provide FPGA acceleration to Go programmers. He is currently focused on energy sensitive edge systems with limited energy budget. His PhD thesis on high-level synthesis of elasticity looked into transforming CSP to low-level code. This helped him to have deep hardware insights into Go's programming model.
  • Adrian Hesketh

    Adrian helps companies to build and scale digital services.
  • Davy Jones

    Davy is a software engineer building backend systems with Go and Kotlin at iZettle. He is mainly self taught and loves learning new tech and concepts. Is currently based in Scotland and when not at his keyboard can be found in the back end of beyond up in the Highlands.
  • Matt Layher

    Matt Layher is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Fastly, and a regular contributor to a wide variety of open source networking applications and libraries written in Go.
  • Jorge Marin

    Jorge Marín is a telecommunications engineer passionate about robotics, automation, statistics and photography. After graduating as an engineer he tried (with some success) to help autonomous drones navigate indoors where GPS is not available or very inaccurate. Got dragged to "the cloud" after a couple of years and has been working since then automating the hell out of anything he touches. Currently helping Dyson building a solid QA strategy for their cloud services.
  • Marc Coury

    Shell Agile Hub
    I learned how to program as an undergraduate, studying Physics at Imperial College London. The masters and PhD that I then did in the Theory and Simulation of Materials were very computational and I learned a lot. In particular I learned what it’s like to write and work with large codebases without any tests – it’s pretty scary!
    After that I worked at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, which is where I first learned about TDD and BDD. It’s also where I made a lot mistakes while writing code and writing tests. While there I learned why waterfall (the opposite of agile) is a bad way to develop code! I first learned Go while working at Ingresso. While there I continued to make mistakes, observe other people’s mistakes and learn from them. It’s also where I started teaching others how to code in Go. At Ingresso I wrote a lot of API integrations with third parties! Now I work as a full time Go developer at the Shell Agile Hub in London. This is where I am currently putting to use all the lessons I’ve learnt – although I continue to make mistakes and to learn from them.
  • Daniel Martí

    Born in Barcelona, now living in England for its food and weather. I have been involved with Go for over five years, including writing tools, libraries, and contributing to Go itself.
  • Michael Matloob

    Michael Matloob is a Software Engineer on the Go team at Google.
  • Björn Rabenstein

    Grafana Labs
    Björn is an engineer at Grafana, mostly working on Prometheus. Previously, he was a Production Engineer at SoundCloud, a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, and a number cruncher for science.
  • Paul Jolly

    Paul is co-founder of modelogiq, an early-stage Frankfurt-based startup looking to change the way that companies build financial models. He is co-organiser of London Gophers (London’s monthly Go meetup), contributes to golang-tools, enjoys writing Go developer tools, has a mild obsession with Go modules, is making plenty of mistakes bringing up his daughter, and likes running.
  • Naga Sowjanya Sutherland

    Sowjanya is a Senior Software Engineer at Heroku and a Go language enthusiast. Having found her love and passion for Software Design and Engineering 7 years ago, Sowjanya has worked as a Full-Stack and DevOps Engineer building applications and services using Ruby, Rails, Go, Docker, Terraform at Salesforce, Fitbit, LinkedIn and other Silicon Valley companies. Prior to Software Engineering she worked as a hardware engineer building SystemVerilog Components. Today she is an Engineer on the Runtime team at Heroku orchestrating dynos using Go and Ruby. In her free time she likes to garden, go on hikes and to camp in her beautiful state, California.
  • Joan López de la Franca Beltran

    Friends of Go (FoGo)
    Joan is a vocational software engineer, passionate on DevOps stuff and gophers lover. Pragmatism is their religion. Co-founder of Friends of Go community.
  • Eleanor McHugh

    Innovative Identity Solutions
    Hacker Ellie is the sometime writer of A Go Developer's Notebook and co-inventor of several patents in digital identity and biometric liveness. Her career has spanned three decades working on projects ranging from mission critical avionics and broadcast transmission networks to banking security and digital trust arbitration. Her languages of choice include Golang, Ruby and Crystal whilst necessity often finds her working with C and Bash.
    Ellie is co-founder of Innovative Identity Solutions, a London-based startup focused on driving innovation in digital identity, personal data privacy and secure communications with a particular emphasis on novel blockchain architectures.
    As a responsible parent Ellie enjoys polyhedral dice, WASD-controls, pocketable computers, home brewing and gothic music.
  • Daniela Petruzalek

    Daniela Petruzalek is an experienced software engineer currently working on the data infrastructure team at GoCardless. She is also a Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud Platform and a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. Besides data engineering she is also focused on backend development, having been an active member of the Go and Python communities. On her spare time she dedicates herself to giving talks at tech conferences, traveling, gaming and petting random cats on the streets.
  • William Clarke

    William is a software engineer with Ratio and before that he spent 2½ years with Deliveroo. He now lives in Dorset and can hold his breath for about 2 minutes if he really tries.
  • Roberto Clapis

    Roberto is a Security Engineer at Google. He loves to write, hack, customize, patch and tailor any software that allows him to do so.
  • Corver Roos

    Corver Roos is a software architect and leader with a strong background in designing, developing and maintaining high performance distributed SaaS platforms. He has an Engineering degree from Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and has worked at multiple leading technology companies in South Africa and in Europe. He is currently a staff software engineer at Luno.

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