All about GopherCon UK speakers

  • William Kennedy

    Ardan labs

    William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Labs in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, Ultimate Go Notebook, and the blog GoingGo.Net. He is also a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity.

  • David Flanagan

    Rawkode Academy

    David is a Senior Developer Advocate at Equinix Metal, CNCF Ambassador, and host of the official Kubernetes Office Hours.

    As a professional technology magpie, David was an early adopter of cloud, container, and cloud-native technologies; crossing the murky waters of AWS in 2008, Docker in 2014, and Kubernetes in 2015.

    With an insatiable love for technology, David is always on the hunt to learn and share knowledge with others in fun and exciting ways; currently focusing on #RawkodeLive, a live stream for learning the technologies across the cloud native landscape.

  • Bryan Boreham


    Bryan is a Distinguished Engineer at Grafana Labs, working on large-scale Open Source backend systems for metrics, logs and traces, all written in Go. After first getting into programming as a kid, creating a video game called "Splat", Bryan's career has ranged from charting pie sales at a bakery to real-time pricing of billion-dollar bond trades. Outside of work he is a father, a helicopter pilot, and can cook a mean risotto primavera.

  • André Eriksson


    André us the founder of Encore, a platform to reimagine how we build software. Before this he was a Staff Software Engineer at Spotify for the past 7 years. He has been using Go daily since 1.0.

  • Alex Ellis

    OpenFaaS Ltd / CNCF Ambassador

    Alex is a respected expert on serverless and cloud native computing. He founded OpenFaaS, one of the most popular open-source serverless projects, where he has built the community via writing, speaking, and extensive personal engagement. As a consultant and CNCF Ambassador, he helps companies around the world build great developer experiences and navigate the cloud native landscape.

  • Bartek Plotka

    Red Hat

    Bartek Plotka is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat with an SRE background. He loves Go which was his main programming language for the last 6 years. Bartek is the co-author and maintainer of the CNCF Thanos project. He is also part of the Prometheus Team and contributes to many other open-source projects. Bartek’s interests include Go, Kubernetes, and building open source communities and software. Volleyball player in free time.

  • Tiago Mendes


    Tiago is a Senior Software Engineer at Cuvva, a London-based insurtech. He’s passionate about Xtreme Programming, software design and testing. He co-founded and co-organised Portugal Gophers before moving to the UK in early 2020. When not randomly pressing keys on his keyboard, Tiago can be found playing guitar, photographing stunning landscapes or surfing.

  • Adelina Simion


    Adelina is a Technology Evangelist at Form3 in London, UK. She started her career as a Java Back End engineer and converted to Go in 2018. She has been passionate about contributing to the Go community by sharing her technical knowledge and providing easy to digest content for beginners ever since. She has spoken at a few technical conferences already and loves introducing people to Go!

  • John Gregory


    John Gregory is an artist, part time musician, coffee drinker and experienced engineer with over 15 years in the tech industry. He has worked in both private and public sectors, most recently joining Admiral Financial Services Limited as a Senior Engineer.

    A passionate Gopher, John co-organises the South Wales Golang meet up in Cardiff, as well as running training for and evangelising the language. In 2019 he helped organise and presented at the first Cardiff DevFest conference and is looking forward to working on more in the future.

  • Riya Dattani


    Riya is from Nairobi, Kenya but currently lives in the UK. She switched careers from tax fraud consulting to software engineering 2 years ago. Outside of work, she volunteers to teach disadvantaged people such as refugees and people of colour on how to code.

  • Stuart Murray


    Stuart is a Senior Engineer at Form3 in the Core Payments Team. Prior to Form3 Stuart was a consultant and developer working across a range of projects in the healthcare, insurtech and stored value payments sectors. Stuart enjoys working deeply with Go but also works with Java, Rust and Python and previously used C#. Stuart is a member of (and sometimes speaker at) several meetups including GoSheffield.

  • Eleni Fragkiadaki


    Eleni is a Software Engineer and Tech Lead with 15 years of experience in building applications and automating manual processes. She lives and works in the UK and is the Director of Engineering for Business Banking at Monzo Bank. Eleni is mostly working with Go at the moment but has worked with other programming languages, building systems and applications in different industries. As a Tech Lead, she has had the pleasure of leading a number of teams in their journey and is particularly excited about the challenges that come with scaling up engineering teams. She also has an academic background and holds a PhD in Computer Science. Eleni enjoys periodically blogging about all things technology and shares her experiences with leading teams and working with algorithms.

  • Eleanor McHugh

    Innovative Identity Solutions

    Hacker Ellie is the sometime writer of A Go Developer's Notebook and co-inventor of several patents in digital identity and biometric liveness. Her career has spanned three decades working on projects ranging from mission critical avionics and broadcast transmission networks to banking security and digital trust arbitration. Her languages of choice include Golang, Ruby and Crystal whilst necessity often finds her working with C and Bash.
    Ellie is co-founder of Innovative Identity Solutions, a London-based startup focused on driving innovation in digital identity, personal data privacy and secure communications with a particular emphasis on novel blockchain architectures.
    As a responsible parent Ellie enjoys polyhedral dice, WASD-controls, pocketable computers, home brewing and gothic music.

  • Chris James


    Chris is from the UK and has been writing software for almost 20 years. He believes work doesn’t have to be full of toil, it can be fun and rewarding if we think about the way we work with one another, and use sensible technical practices to make life simpler. He wrote Learn Go with Tests which is a free resource for learning both Go and TDD.

  • Sina Siadat


    Sina has been writing Go programs since 2013. He has built and deployed several commercial services from the ground up, including system administration, backend, and front-end development. He has contributed to several open-source projects including the Go standard library, Tmux, and Ruby on Rails. He is also the world champion for authoring the smallest commit to Kubernetes, with only a single character. Currently, he is exploring ideas in language design and implementing experimental languages that are suitable for static analysis using Go.

  • Nick Craig-Wood


    • Open Source software developer
    • Formerly CTO of various mid sized tech companies
    • Enjoys tinygo, tinkering with hardware, amateur radio

    Projects rclone, gpython See also: GitHub

  • Chris Reeves


    Chris is a platform engineer at Banked and has been writing go now for about 5 years. He is passionate about building strong robust distributed systems.
    On the non tech side of things Chris is an avid Formula 1 fan (and a Lando Noris stan) and also a keen gamer.

  • Thomas Camp


    Thomas Camp is a Developer Relations Engineer at Ably, with a focus on backend data synchronisation through realtime communications. As a member of the AsyncAPI community he's passionate about promoting the ease-of-use of realtime data, in addition to opening up data through initiatives such as the Ably Hub.

  • Foivos Filippopoulos

    Utility Warehouse

    Foivos is an Infrastructure Architect at Utility Warehouse in London, UK. He started his career as a software engineer and converted to SRE roles in 2016. In the past 3 years he has been using Go to write Kubernetes operators and automation tools. Loves to keep all projects open-sourced and contribute to others. On the not-tech side of things, likes gaming, cooking and can play a bit of basketball.

  • Daniela Petruzalek

    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co

    Daniela Petruzalek is an experienced IT professional with background in software engineering, pre-sales and developer relations, currently Product Owner at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Her specialisation is data engineering and back end development and she is recognised by Google as a Google Developer Expert in Go and Google Cloud Platform. She’s also a Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer, Oracle Certified Professional and TEDx speaker. In her spare time she contributes to open source, plays video games and pets random cats on the streets.

  • Gergely Brautigam


    My name is Gergely Brautigam. I’ve been writing Go for over 4-5 years now and have been enjoying doing so every single day. I have not come across anything I would dislike doing with Go. I’m a fan of not having Generics, coming from a long time of programming (15-20 years) in Java and never looking back to it.

    I started speaking at conferences around 3 years ago and have been attending many since, including a larger one here in Budapest, called VDay. I have various smaller and mid-sized projects written in Go which I enjoy hacking on and I’m also a language contributor with over 5 Gerrit merges. Which is granted, not that much, but this is the first time for me loving a language so much that I actually contributed to it.

    I love open source projects and I’m an avid supporter of them. I have many projects I contributed to over the past 5 years. Projects like Gaia, Footloose, JsonPath ( which is in Ruby, but still counts… ). I also love speaking. I’m an entertainer first. When I was young I always wanted to be an actor. I guess now I can at least live out this part of my childhood.

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