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GopherCon UK offers abundant networking prospects for you to connect with fellow Go developers, renowned speakers, and our esteemed event sponsors throughout the conference. Embrace numerous opportunities to foster meaningful connections and engage in valuable exchanges within the vibrant Go community.

Network or just unwind, the choice is yours

Networking with other delegates is a crucial component of any conference, as it provides attendees with the opportunity to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals in their field. At GopherCon UK, we recognise the value of networking and make it a priority to create an environment that fosters collaboration and relationship-building. Our conference attracts a diverse range of professionals from across the Go community, including developers, designers, project managers, and business owners. Whether you're just starting out in your career or have decades of experience under your belt, you'll find no shortage of people to connect with at GopherCon UK.

We offer a variety of networking opportunities throughout the conference, including dedicated social events, interactive sessions, and breakout groups. These activities allow attendees to engage with one another in a relaxed and informal setting, and to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices. Networking is an essential part of the GopherCon UK experience. It's a chance to connect with others in your field, learn from their experiences, and forge valuable relationships that can benefit your career for years to come. So why not join us at GopherCon UK and start building your network today?

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