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Going Serverless For Fun and Profit

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Speaker: Florin Pățan
Length: 31:17


This talk looks at what are the options available for a Go developer to work in such environments and showcase going from scratch to a full project in less than 30 minutes. I will quickly explain the serverless concepts, the pros and cons for using it, and show examples of when serverless can be used to make a difference. After that, I will show various platforms for running serverless workloads, such as AWS Lambda or GCP Cloud Functions. With that knowledge, I will then show users how to build such serverless apps so that they can be ready to migrate from a platform to another with little code overhead. One last use-case I’ll present is a possible way to architect their apps for the future, where one could move pieces of logic from standard web servers to serverless infrastructure and vice-versa. If Internet is available (and working), and the Demo Gods are not acting up, this talk will feature live demos, otherwise material will be prepared for off-line scenarios.

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