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Developing Apps for Developing Countries with go-mobile

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Speaker: Natalie Pistunovich
Length: 0:30:16


What is the connection between go-mobile, GOMAXPROCS and app development for developing countries? App development for developing countries introduces a a different mindset and a slew of new challenges: smartphones function as a user’s main point of connection, local demand for use of mobile apps and web is different and infrastructure places strict limits on users’ internet data volume. Combining the processing power of the average multi-core smartphone with go-mobile can reduce the data consumption of apps.

In this talk we’ll discuss how the mobile world looks like in developing countries: what apps are like, what are the common devices and and what are the current initiatives to increase internet connectivity. We’ll then see how efficiently can data be compress in the device and how this may make apps more practical and accessible for the developing world.

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