2021 COVID-19 FAQ


Will the event definitely be able to take place?

The UK government expects to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact by 19th July 2021. This is a full three months before GopherCon UK is due to take place, so we are confident that the event will be able to take place in the usual in-person format that everyone has come to expect.

What measures have been put in place to keep delegates safe?

While we hope that the community prevalence of COVID-19 will be very low by October, and that the UK vaccine rollout will continue to be a success, we will nevertheless be putting in place a number of measures to mitigate risk.

It is our aim that these measures will not interfere with your enjoyment of the event. You can read the full details on our ‘Keeping you safe’ page.

Will I be required to take a test on arrival?

Current guidance is that all restrictions will be removed long before the event takes place. However, it is possible that the government will require either temperature and/or rapid testing to be in place for large events if case rates accelerate. These tests, should they be required, will be free of charge.

Any guest who believes their body temperature has risen naturally, due to their method of transport, or sheer excitement of being at GopherCon UK, will be provided with a space to wait and cool down before being checked again.

What happens if the event is rescheduled?

In the unfortunate event that GopherCon UK is unable to go ahead due to government restrictions, your ticket will be transferred for use on the rescheduled date. Should you prefer to have your ticket refunded you will be able to do so by emailing info@gophercon.co.uk.

Are tickets refundable?

As always, tickets to GopherCon UK are fully refundable up until two weeks before the event. This is the last date on which we have to confirm final numbers with the venue and various caterers.

In addition to this, for 2021, your ticket is also fully refundable if during those final two weeks we are required to reschedule the event date due to UK government restrictions.

I am travelling from abroad. Will I be allowed in?

It is our expectation that visitors from most countries will be able to enter the UK by October. In the event that travel from your country is prohibited, your ticket will be fully refundable. We would, however, recommend leaving hotel bookings until close to the date of the event.

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