Contributor Workshop

Thursday, 22nd August 2019

10am to 12pm - 1pm to 4pm in the King Vault

Love Go? Ever wanted to give something back? Come to the Go Contributor Workshop, where attendees will learn how to contribute to the Go project via Gerrit. To take part in the workshop, all you need is a laptop with Go, Git and Gerrit installed, and a basic understanding of Go. And, of course, an appetite for contributing to open source software! You can find some helpful information on becoming a contributor here.

Attending as a Contributor

You are welcome to attend as much of the Contributor Workshop as you please, no sign-ups are required.

Attending as a Mentor (On Site or Remote)

The workshop will be run by a number of experienced contributors who will help and mentor attendees through their first change. If you are a contributor to any of the official Go repositories and would like to help, please fill out this form:

Mentor Sign Up

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