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  • Steve Francia

    Steve Francia has the unique distinction of having held leadership roles in five of the largest open source projects. He is a member of the Go team at Google where he is responsible for Go and it's users. He also currently serves as a Director of the Drupal Association. He previously held executive roles at Docker and MongoDB where he led engineering, product and open source. He is the creator of Hugo, Cobra, Viper, spf13-vim and many additional open source projects. He is a published author, speaker, developer, and father of 4. Outside of technology Steve likes skateboarding, punk rock, and dystopian films.
  • Mat Ryer

    GrayMeta, Inc.
    Programming since age 6 (Mat would type BASIC code out from computer magazines with his father to make little programs and games), Mat has always had a keen obsession with programming. When Go came along, he loved the philosophy and the elegance of the language, and has been using it since before v1. In 2015 his first book Go Programming Blueprints was published. Today he works for GrayMeta, employing his Go expertise in this exciting LA-based big meta-data company. He spoke at Gophercon in 2014 in Denver, Colorado and the UK’s Go conference in August 2015 and 2016 as well as infoShare in Poland and ProgsCon in London. He founded Testify and Silk testing packages.
  • Will Sewell and Jim Fisher

    Will and Jim are software engineers at Pusher. We help keep the realtime messaging system ticking along smoothly. Our work ranges from high performance distributed systems, to prototyping and early stage product development. After using a number of languages in the past, we have frequently been turning to Go for our most recent projects.
  • Aditya Mukerjee

    Aditya is an engineer at Stripe on the Risk team, based in New York City. He studied statistics at Columbia and computer science at Cornell, and has been writing Go professionally for the past four years. When not defending users against online fraudsters, he spends his free time playing German-style board games and listening to embarrassing music.
  • Achilleas Anagnostopoulos

    Achilleas is a software engineer at Geckoboard, where Go is an integral part of the data platform that allows customers to build TV dashboards that visualize their most important KPIs. He is also the author of prism, a tool for collecting and analyzing profiling data from Go applications. When not tinkering with code, he enjoys reading sci-fi books and taking long walks through the city.
  • Arne Claus

    I’m a former graphics engine programmer now working as a site reliability engineer at trivago. After having worked on C/C++ based projects for over 15 years I switched to Go as my language of choice a few years ago. I’m also the creator of Gollum, a vital part of trivago’s logging pipeline.
  • Paul Bellamy

    Paul Bellamy is a Freelance Software Engineer, who's been loving Go for the last 3 years. Having bounced between development and operations, his previous experience includes Internet of Things messaging protocols, time-series data analysis, and open-source tooling for connecting, observing, and controlling Kubernetes.
  • Nicholas Jackson

    Nic Jackson is a developer advocate and polyglot programmer working for Hashicorp with over 20 years experience in software development and leading software development teams. He is the author of Building Microservices in Go and in his spare time Nic coaches and mentors at codebar.io, GoBridge, Women who Go and CoderDojo.
  • Myles McDonnell

    Keyshift Software
    Myles is software engineer and development team lead with nearly 20 years commercial experience building systems in finance, gaming and retail.
  • Sean Kelly

    Komand Security
    Sean Kelly (affectionately known as Stabby) is a Principal Software Engineer for Komand Security. A simple man with a dog for an avatar, he enjoys learning new things, helping / mentoring others, and posting photos of his dog on the internet. When he's not giving talks about his many failures, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife, and coming up with new projects to work on that he will never actually finish.
  • Paul Jolly

    Paul is co-founder of modelogiq, an early-stage Frankfurt-based startup looking to change the way that companies build financial models. He spent 6.5 years working in the technology division of an investment bank, before taking a break, studying in London and San Francisco, then returning to the London startup scene. He is an alumnus of GoCardless where he worked before leaving to start modelogiq. Outside of work Paul enjoys running, cycling and the great outdoors.
  • Filippo Valsorda

    Filippo Valsorda works on cryptography and systems engineering at Cloudflare. He’s been the main developer of the pure-Go Cloudflare DNS server, and wrote its DNSSEC implementation. He the deployed the crypto/tls and net/http based TLS 1.3 reverse proxy for the Cloudflare edge, and started to upstream it. He's now working on Certificate Transparency. He often writes about Go on the company and gvt, hellogopher, the Heartbleed test and the whoami SSH server.
  • Jack Lindamood

    Jack is a software engineer with over 7 years experience building and running large scale distributed services. Starting at Facebook and then SignalFx, Jack now works on Twitch’s Go codebase and feeds framework. He has presented his work previously at Gophercon, GoSF, and other meetups in the past.
  • Audrey Lim

    E La Carte
    Audrey is a lawyer turned programmer. She taught herself programming outside of work with Go as her first backend language, falling in love with Go ever since. She is a software engineer at E La Carte, and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves snowboarding, photography, and table tennis.
  • Ashley McNamara

    Ashley McNamara is a Principal Technologist at Microsoft, where she acts as a bridge between third-party developers and Microsoft, driving platform adoption through the developer community and driving change into products based on real-world customer/developer feedback. Ashley was a 2014 Hackbright engineering fellow. In her spare time, she’s a mentor at WeWork, General Assembly, AngelHack, and CapitalFactory and is on the board of multiple engineering groups including Redis Austin, Big Data Analytics Club, and Austin All Girl Hack Night. Ashley is passionate about helping more underrepresented individuals join and feel comfortable in tech and is often a resource for new developers trying to find their way.
  • Guido Patanella

    Workday Inc
    Guido is a Cloud Technologist specialized in massively scalable platforms for large engineering organizations, having worked in architect roles at Enterprise software vendors and providers for over 20 years. Before transitioning into adopting Go for his latest projects, Guido has extensively worked with C/C++, Java and Erlang.
  • Mark Bates

    Gopher Guides
    Mark Bates is a full stack web developer with over 18 years of experience building high quality scalable applications for companies such as Apple, USA Today, Klarna, and Palm. He has written three books, “Distributed Programming with Ruby”, “Programming in CoffeeScript”, and “Conquering the Command Line”. Mark has spoken at conferences around the world, has led user groups such as Boston Ruby and Boston Golang, and has helped to organize conferences such as GothamGo and GopherCon. Mark is the co-founder of PaperCall.io, a platform for connecting technical events with high quality content and speakers. Mark is also a partner at Gopher Guides, the industry leader for Go training and conferences. In his spare time Mark leads development of the Go web framework Buffalo.
  • Takuya Ueda

    Souzoh, Inc.
    Takuya Ueda is a Go engineer for Souzoh, Inc. He is one of organizer of Go Conference in Japan. He works for the growth of the Go community in Japan. He also loves the Go Gopher and drawing Gopher illustrations.
  • Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan is a software engineer who works for Intel's Open Source Technology Centre. He has over 18 years of industry experience working for a number of companies including Nokia, Symbian, HP and Intel. He has a PhD in Computer Science and has been using Go since 2013.
  • Ian Kent

    Office for National Statistics
    I’m the Technical Lead for Digital Publishing at Office for National Statistics. I’ve been working with Go since 2013, after ditching Perl, and introduced it to two Civil Service departments - Companies House and ONS. I build websites, APIs and ‘backend’ stuff - but I’m terrible at anything visual except animated gradients. I’m also a below-average photographer and have a notable panda obsession.
  • Chris Benson

    Chris Benson has been a software engineer for two decades, a Gopher since 2014, and was originally introduced to ‘deep learning’ in the 1990s. His passion for deep learning became the catalyst for a career pivot into artificial intelligence strategy and machine learning architecture in 2017. Chris now specializes in deep learning, about which he often evangelizes, presents, and instructs. Chris is an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect, and he earned the Machine Learning Certificate on Coursera from Stanford University. He is the founder and Organizer of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup.
  • Diwaker Gupta

    My Ph.D. focused on virtualization; at Aster Data, I worked on big data and distributed databases before it was cool; and at Maginatics, I built a user & IT friendly, cloud-backed enterprise distributed filesystem. These days, I manage some amazing and talented teams at Dropbox where we tackle some of the hardest challenges in building high-performance, low-latency, strongly-consistent metadata storage systems.
  • Irina Bednova

    I'm a backend software engineer at Monzo. I've been in the Ruby / Rails world for about 7 years. Since moving to the UK in 2014 I've worked at Freeagent, helping to make "a monolith" scale, and at Makers Academy, teaching the new generation of developers how to write maintainable code. Design patterns and best practices were always one of my main interests. I'm also enthusiastic about overcomplicated text editors from the 70s.
  • Konrad Reiche

    Silicon Valley Stealth Startup
    Konrad is a software engineer at a top-tier venture capital financed Silicon Valley stealth startup. Before that he worked in Berlin at tape.tv as a Go developer on a video livestreaming platform implementing microservices with Go Kit. He also lived and worked for two years in London as a full-stack developer for Mixlr, a broadcast live audio company. His first Go application was jukebox powered through Slack on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Nicholas Ng

    Imperial College London
    Nicholas is a programming language and concurrency researcher at Imperial College London. His research involves applying types to model and verify concurrent programs. His recent work in static deadlock detection of Go has led to a series of Go-specific concurrency research.
  • Liz Rice

    Aqua Security
    Liz Rice is the Technology Evangelist with container security specialists Aqua Security. Prior to that she co-founded Microscaling Systems and was one of the developers of image inspection tool MicroBadger. She has a wealth of software development, team, and product management experience from working on network protocols and distributed systems, and in digital technology sectors such as VOD, music, and VoIP. When not building startups, giving talks or writing code, Liz loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London.
  • Vlad Galu

    Vlad is a seasoned technologist rooted in secure and scalable network, systems and software engineering, with a track record of nearly 17 years in delivering carrier grade content delivery, internet security and satellite communications systems. Since joining GlobalSign in 2014 he has set up the next generation platforms division based in London and led engineering operations across Europe, US and Asia.
  • Brian Ketelsen

    Brian Ketelsen is a Developer Advocate for Linux, Containers, and Go at Microsoft Azure. He co-organizes Gophercon, co-hosts the GoTime.FM podcast, and co-wrote "Go In Action" for Manning Press.

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