• Dave Cheney

    AusDTO @davecheney
    David is a software engineer, author, blogger, and speaker from Sydney, Australia as well as a long time contributor to the Go project, focussing on performance and the application of Go to small computers. David also runs the Sydney Go Users' group.
  • Mat Ryer

    GrayMeta, Inc. @matryer
    Programming since age 6 (Mat would type BASIC code out from computer magazines with his father to make little programs and games), Mat has always had a keen obsession with programming. When Go came along, he loved the philosophy and the elegance of the language, and has been using it since before v1. In 2015 his first book Go Programming Blueprints was published. Last year he spoke about Building APIs at Golang UK and now he’s back this year to bang on about Go.
  • Peter Bourgon

    Weaveworks @peterbourgon
    Peter Bourgon is a distributed systems engineer who has seen things. He's been a Go programmer and advocate since day 1, and has written Go in production for the better part of 4 years. Peter has worked on infrastructure at Bloomberg, SoundCloud, and now works on software-defined networking and monitoring at Weaveworks.
  • Travis Bischel

    Travis works as a Software Engineer at Fastly, where he most recently replaced and scaled the entire stats pipeline and its consumers. In the outside world, you can find him cursing Haskell’s difficulty, thinking of Rust's merits, and planning weekend nature getaways to disconnect.
  • Matthew Campbell

    DigitalOcean @kanwisher
    Matthew Campbell is a microservices scalability expert at DigitalOcean, where he builds the future of cloud services. Matthew is a founder of Errplane and Langfight. In the past, he worked at Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Gucci, and Cartoon Network. Matthew recently presented at GothamGO, Velocity NYC, and GopherCon India and is the author of Microservices in Go, published by O’Reilly. He blogs at Kanwisher.com.
  • Marcel van Lohuizen

    Marcel van Lohuizen works on the Go team at Google. Before working on the Go team, he worked on search and Borg (Google’s large-scale cluster manager), among other things.
  • Natalie Pistunovich

    adjust.com @nataliepis
    Natalie is a Backend Developer at adjust. Prior to that she was part of the Silicon Integration team at Intel, and graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer and Software Engineering from the Technion. In her free time she organizes the Golang Berlin meetups, leads the Women Techmakers in Berlin and appreciates good music.
  • Paul Crawford

    Daily Burn @paulcrawford
    Paul Crawford is the CTO of Daily Burn a fitness industry leader in streaming video, where he leads an amazing team of developers, designers and testers. Paul has a background in web and iOS development before finding Go as his language of choice. He has been working on consumer web products for the last 9 years with a focus on fitness and health.
  • Florin Pățan

    YouView TV Limited @dlsniper
    I'm a gopher for a few years now and I've used to do various things from simple toy apps to writing a startup based on it. I'm one of the organizers of the Go meetup in London and former organizer of GDG Berlin Golang and AWS Berlin User Group. In my spare time I pretend to contribute to the Go plugin for IntelliJ and other open-source projects.
  • Piyush Verma

    Datascale.io @meson10
    Piyush Verma is a Platform and Infrastructure consultant with datascale.io. He is an ex-KDE developer and previously created http://siminars.com. He likes Multiprocessing, Distributed systems, APIs and automating everything.
    He has been churning Go code in production since late 2011. When not coding he can be found cycling around the town.
  • Michael Munday

    IBM @mikemunday
    Michael is a software developer in the IBM Linux on z Systems Open Source Ecosystem team in Toronto. He is part of the group that recently ported the Go toolchain to IBM's z/Architecture (s390x). Before joining IBM Michael worked on code targeting FPGAs leading to his keen interest in low-level programming.
  • Slawosz Slawinski

    Stratajet.com @slawosz
    Slawosz Slawinski is a software developer from London, UK working at Stratajet.com. He started using Go in 2013 for work and side projects, and believes it is most universal language in industry. Besides coding, he likes aviation, traveling and books.
  • Nicholas Ng

    Imperial College London, UK @nicholascwng
    Nicholas Ng is a programming language and concurrency researcher at Imperial College London. His research applies session types - types for communication - as a programming abstraction and model, and as a means to understanding concurrency. He recently discovered Go and is now part of a team of concurrency researchers at Imperial to formalise and understand concurrency in Go.
  • Marcus Olsson

    Klarna @marcusolsson
    Marcus Olsson is an infrastructure developer at Klarna, previously Citerus, who has been traveling between the lands of infrastructure and business systems, working on microservice architectures. He spends a fair share of his spare time in his .vimrc and i3 config, and you are very likely to see him attending or speaking at the Stockholm Go meetups.
  • Paul Bellamy

    Weaveworks @pyrhho
    Paul is a London-based Software Engineer building the future of application deployment at Weaveworks. Having bounced between development and operations, his previous experience includes Internet of Things messaging protocols, time-series data analysis, and E-commerce operations.
  • Björn Rabenstein

    Björn is a Production Engineer at SoundCloud, one of the main Prometheus developers, and the maintainer of the Go client library for Prometheus. Previously, he was a Site Reliability Engineer at Google and a number cruncher for science.
  • Eleanor McHugh

    Innovative Identity Solutions @feyeleanor
    London-based hacker Ellie is the sometime writer of A Go Developer's Notebook. During the course of her career she's worked on mission critical systems ranging from avionics to banking security and digital trust arbitration. Ellie is co-founder of Innovative Identity Solutions, a startup focused on driving innovation in the world of digital identity and personal privacy. As a responsible parent Ellie enjoys polyhedral dice, home brewing and gothic music.
  • Carlisia Campos

    Fastly @carlisia
    Carlisia is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Fastly, the only real-time CDN that gives businesses complete control over how they serve content. She is an active member of the Go community: she co-hosts the weekly Go Time podcast and is a co-founding member of GoBridge. Carlisia holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Boston University and has also been an entrepreneur, having run her own SaaS company. When she is not focused on Go and networks, she can be found running.
  • Jennie Lees

    Riot Games @jennielees
    Jennie is a software engineer at Riot Games in Los Angeles, where she works on real-time monitoring and service deployment systems as well as sharpening her top lane skills. A lifelong gamer, she previously launched a gaming platform at Google, then bounced around a few startups wearing engineering and CTO hats before landing in LA. She originally hails from the UK where she studied computer science at Cambridge.
  • Tiffany Jernigan

    Tiffany currently is a software engineer consulting for Docker. She previously was at Intel Corporation as a cloud software engineer in the Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) group and is a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. After pursuing a career in electrical engineering, she decided to transition to software engineering. When Tiffany is not writing software, she is learning French, reading mystery novels, in the gym practicing gymnastics, or spending time with family and friends.
  • Mandy Waite

    Google @tekgrrl
    Based in London, UK, Mandy is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google specialising in Container and Cloud technologies and working to make the world a better place for developers building applications for the Cloud.
  • Nic Jackson

    Notonthehighstreet.com @sheriffjackson
    Nic Jackson is a software engineering evangelist working for notonthehighstreet.com, with over 20 years experience in software development and leading software development teams. A huge fan of mobile application and micro service architecture, constantly looking out for the most efficient way to re-use code and improve development flow.
    In his spare time Nic organizes Wild West Tech Talks a meet up group in West London, coaches and mentors at codebar.io and Coder Dojo, speaks and evangelises good coding practice, process and technique and works to raise money for a charity he runs with his wife.
  • Dave Cheney

    AusDTO @davecheney
    David is a software engineer, author, blogger, and speaker from Sydney, Australia as well as a long time contributor to the Go project, focussing on performance and the application of Go to small computers. David also runs the Sydney Go Users' group.
  • Jean de Klerk

    Pivotal @jadekler
    Jean is a consultant and open source evangelist at Pivotal helping companies achieve success through the agile process, moving to cloud-ready apps, and enabling developers on technologies. Jean also works on CloudFoundry, Pivotal's open source PaaS, building highly concurrent microservices in Go. Outside of work, Jean contributes to open source libraries, tinkers with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, and enjoys the Colorado outdoors.
  • Jelmer Snoeck

    Jelmer is a software engineer at Lostmy.name looking after platform reliability and performance.
  • Alexander Zolotov

    JetBrains @alex_zolotov
    Alexander Zolotov works at JetBrains on the WebStorm Team. He is the creator of the Go plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Víctor Ruiz

    simplesurance GmbH
    Víctor works as platform architect at simplesurance and not long ago at classmarkets, where he has been designing and building Go based microservice systems for more than 3 years. Clinically allergic to complexity, Victor fell in love with Go at first sight. Previously he worked at one of the first social media monitoring companies in Europe, where he had to deal with big data before it was cool.
  • Liz Rice

    Microscaling Systems @lizrice
    Liz Rice, co-founder of Microscaling Systems, has a wealth of software development, architecture   management experience in technology sectors including VOD, music, VoIP and the charity sector. When not building startups and writing code, she loves riding bikes in places with better weather than her native London.
  • Asim Aslam

    Micro @chuhnk
    Asim Aslam is an engineer with a background in distributed systems and systems engineering. He's currently working on Micro, an open source ecosystem that simplifies building and managing microservices. He was previously at Hailo, where he helped build their global microservice platform with over 200 services in production. Before that, he was an SRE at Google.
  • Andreas Krennmair

    travel audience GmbH @der_ak
    Andreas Krennmair is a software developer at travel audience GmbH in Berlin, Germany, where he works on extending, maintaining, and scaling their real-time bidding and adserving infrastructure. He has used Go for private projects since late 2009, and professionally for about 3 years. Ten years ago, he initiated and drove forward the newsbeuter open source project to develop a fast and usable RSS feed reader for text terminals. Outside of IT, he blogs about beer, with an interest in historic styles and homebrewing.
  • Ernesto Jimenez

    Slackline.io @ernesto_jimenez
    Ernesto is the co-founder of slackline.io and has worked on different kinds of products, from webapps to APIs and games in both startups and big corporations. He is a Google Developer Expert and maintains testify, a popular Go testing package used in projects like Kubernetes, etcd, the AWS Go SDK and many others.
  • Bryan Boreham

    Weaveworks @bboreham
    Bryan is Lead Engineer on the Networks team at Weaveworks, a technology company whose mission is to make developers successful with Docker. Prior to Weaveworks, Bryan built distributed systems, including a global bond-trading system crossing three continents. In his spare time, Bryan is an unlicenced taxi driver to two children, and a licensed helicopter pilot.
  • Michael Bironneau

    Open Energi @mikebrno
    Michael is a data scientist at Open Energi, where he started working in 2014 after getting a maths PhD from Loughborough University. At Open Energi he works mainly on data engineering and architecture. He is interested in processing data at scale using any means necessary.
  • Charlie Smith

    Sainsbury's @chazsmi
    Charlie is a distributed systems engineer for Sainsbury’s. He’s been working with Go for the last couple of years and loves the simplicity of the language. He believes Go is an ideal language for distributed systems.